Website Design

by Jeffrey D. Cotton

What can I do for you?

  • ·         Setup hosting for your website.
  • ·         Install and configure Joomla.
  • ·         Create a custom Theme just for you.
  • ·         *Install all the features your looking for.
  • ·         Perform initial backup of all files and database.
  • ·         Create Video Tutorials on how to use Joomla.
  • ·         Make changes to your website for you.
  • ·         When finished everything goes on DVD for you!

 * Most everything you need for your Joomla install is free. Some Components, Plugins and Modules need to be purchased because of the added features. Most cost between $5.00-$50.00 for full versions that can do everything you want and need to your website.







Why use Joomla?

Joomla is the leader in Content Management Systems (CMS) and always has been. It is a free platform coded in php for security and stability. 

Best of all Joomla has been created by the open source communities of the internet which means it's your free (other than paying a web Designer to build). 

Visit Joomla: HERE

Together we can make it great!

Joomal Features

Easy to use WYSIWYG Editor

Joomla has many free editors that allow you to design your webpages anyway you like. Works almost like MS Word.


Easily Backup your Website

Joomla also has many free backup programs that integrate into Joomla for free, that means keeping your files safe is just a click away! I like Akeeba backup. It's Fast and easy to use.


Social Sharing for Joomla

Joomla also has many Social Sharing plugins for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many of them are all in one packages!



Joomla is Mobile Friendly

Make your Joomla site displaying beautifully and responsive on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and all mobile devices in a snap, updated to latest devices! 


Google Recaptcha system

When you add the Google Recaptcha system to Joomla the spam goes away, and the bots can't signup because they cannot verify they are human. Best of all this plugin is FREE!
















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