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Jeffrey D. Cotton

Computer Services

Computer Got you Down?? My name is Jeffrey D. Cotton and I owned a In-home Computer Service Business in Boise for over 20 years, Now I am semi retired and still want to do some Computer service on the side. Click the Big Computer.


I started my career working in the Video/Film production field as an Editor, Production Assistant/Manager and "A" Cameraman. I was involved in many high end productions for over 15 years. Because of working in the Production world I have learned how to use inflection and emphasize key points from the best voices around. Click on the big Microphone.

Need a Website

I have been building Joomla websites for over 20 year now using Joomla CMS Platform. Joomla is the leader in Content Management Systems (CMS) and always has been. It is a free platform coded in php for security and stability.
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Chef le Jeff

I have been selling my Sourdough Bread, and Cookies on Facebook, getting 5-star ratings on all my products. I eventually built a website that people can go to and buy my products. Some of my many clients have Gluten and Celiac issues but this bread does not affect them the way store-bought bread does. Now I have customers everywhere in town! Look through my products and place an order today! Click on my logo to see.